Important Status Update

The relocation of our shop has caused an abnormally large amount of unexpected down time. This down time left us  extremely low on the resources needed to fulfill orders. We’re pleased to announce that as of three days ago, our shop is functioning at about 80%. Those of you who have open orders with us, we’re working around the clock to get them to you. As a testimate to how serious we are about getting caught up, we’ve taken some administrative actions: We’ve hired extra personnel to man the phones, assist with various production tasks and most importanlty, revoked Bob’s cell phone privileges. We expect to have all back orders fullfilled within the next two weeks and have an inventory within three weeks. We’re aware of the frustration our lag time has caused our customers and we’re very sorry about this. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. ROCK Solid Mfg.

Status Update:

We’ve spotted the light at the end of the tunnel! The past several months have been challenging to say the least. If you’ve ever had to relocate a machine shop, then you know what we’re talking about … not fun. We still have a lot of work ahead but we’re working hard to get our new location production ready. We’re looking at roughly three to four more weeks of moving and organizing the shop before releasing official details. The new location will open up some new possibilities and help us better serve our customers. We appreciate the continued support and are excited to get this behind us.

ROCK Solid Manufacturing, LLC
Sliding by the Competition


Recently, it has become increasingly difficult to manage the volume of incoming tech support calls. We support all our products 100% and always will. However, while we want every customer to enjoy the full benefits of their purchase, we cannot freely provide this information for every product we sell. We don’t have many employees, and the ones we do, are dedicated to the creation and improvement of our products. If you’ve encountered a serious issue with one of our products, and are in need of support, please contact us by phone at 281.323.9505. Otherwise, please utilize the other support channels available to you. We’ve taken great care in employing valuable support resources like Reps, Dealers and online forums. All which are fully qualified to provide support for our products. If you have questions concerning how to best use one of our products, please direct those to any of these resources. If you absolutely must speak to Bob, then by all means, please call. But remember, Bob has awesome stuff to make and can’t do it on the phone.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued patience.

ROCK Solid Manufacturing, LLC
Sliding by the Competition

The Evolution of ROCK Solid Mfg.

During the past few months, ROCK Solid Mfg. has been making some necessary changes in various aspects of our company processes. These changes are necessary not only to continue providing products that are of the highest quality possible, but to ensure the availability of these products. Unfortunately, these changes do not come without a cost. During this transition, you may have noticed significant lag time in the availability of staff, support and products. Most importantly, we’d like to apologize for any frustration this has caused our customers. However, we’re confident that while it’s difficult at the time, it’s definitely going to be worth it when it’s over!

We don’t have an affirmative date when we will be operating at 100%, but we will continue to provide updates as milestones are reached. Please continue to bare with us through this difficult time, you’ll be glad you did. A special thanks to all our customers for your continued support and patience during this transition.

See you at the track!

ROCK Solid Manufacturing,
“Sliding by the competition”