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Ryan Hable

Yamaha R1 GSSF Series

ROCK Motorcycle Clutch Grudge Series with Street Fighter Mod for Yamaha R1. The ROCK Solid GSSF is a new evolution of performance motorcycle clutches. This clutch is designed to fit under your stock clutch cover*. The perfect solution for the weekend grudge race! The new GSSF also comes with the Street Fighter modification that allows the tuner to adjust static spring preasure quickly with only a 6 mm Allen wrench.

*Some bike models require a slight stock cover modification for proper operation. See the how to videos in the members section or our forums for more details. Every day street use and hot lapping with this clutch is not advised. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

*Fibers and Steels are not included (5 fibers/4 steels)

Price includes the ROCK Solid Billet Inner Hub.

This is a hand activated clutch (hand slider). You can drive your motorcycle from the pits to the line. For more information or questions about the ROCK GSSF motorcycle clutch, please visit our forums.

All ROCK Solid Performance Motorcycle Clutches are precision machined from aircraft grade billet material. Components are hand crafted and each clutch is assembled to order. All clutches come with the ROCK Clutch Tuning Kit.

Note: $300.00 charge will be added if outer basket core is not received within two weeks.

If you have any further questions, please contact ROCK Solid Manufacturing at [email protected]

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Product Options
Please choose your bikes year and if you need a Turbo Bike clutch, please make sure you select yes from the Turbo Bike drop down.
Turbo Bike Option
By selecting this option, your clutch will ship with the ROCK Turbo Bike Spring Kit.